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Google writes poetry on subjects that people are truly interested in.

Collecting Google Poems since October 2012.

As featured on The Huffington Post, The Telegraph, The Guardian,
Gizmodo, Mashable and The New Yorker.

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Google Poetics how-to

How to find a good poem?

Google autocomplete suggestions differ greatly between local Google versions (,,…). Your results also vary depending on whether you are logged in to your Google account or not.

Remember that Google updates the suggestions constantly - no poem is set in stone. If you manage to catch an awesome poem, make sure to take a screenshot right away.

Aim for poetic results. Avoid common, trite phrases such as ones including the word “lyrics”.

How to submit your poem?

Our email address for submissions is Our aim is to publish all the poems that we like.

Please, send screenshots only - it is difficult to reproduce your poem. Crop the screenshots in similar manner as in our blog. Recommended width is 560-600 pixels, file format png/jpg/gif.

General screenshot instructions:

Many thanks,
Sampsa and Raisa

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