• Write the Perfect Galentine’s Day Poem for Your Best Friends

    Focused woman writing a heartfelt Galentine's Day poem at a cozy desk with flowers and coffee.
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    Galentine’s Day is an occasion to celebrate female friendships, often involving exchanging small gifts or gathering together; writing a heartfelt poem can be a thoughtful, meaningful way to honor your closest bonds. Celebrating Female Friendships with Meaningful Poetry on Galentine’s Day Galentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate your closest female friendships. While often...
  • The Endless Possibilities of “Will it be” – A Humorous SEO Take on Predictive Queries

    Screenshot of Google search autocomplete with humorous and odd suggestions for 'why f' and 'please say' phrases.
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    Welcome to the comically predictive universe where our deepest, most profound questions about the future get tangled with the quirks of search engine algorithms. The image in question captures this perfectly with a text box filled with autocomplete suggestions that read: “will it be possible, will it ever be possible to time travel, will be...
  • Drunkard’s confession

    Image of Google Poetics with poignant autocomplete phrases about life, thoughts, desires, and reflections. Another brilliant submission for our World Poetry Day’s special poetry challenge, this time by Anwen Hayward. Thank you!
  • World Poetry Day Challenge Google Poetics

    Image of a Google Poetics collection expressing emotions on love, sleep, time, and existence in searches. World Poetry Day Challenge Google Poetics celebrates the World Poetry Day with a special poetry challenge! Use existing and/or newly made google poems to create a longer poem and email it to [email protected] with WORLD POETRY DAY in the subject line. We’ll publish...

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