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Breaking Down Lecrae’s “Fully Committed” Lyrics & Meaning

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Lecrae is a Grammy award-winning Christian hip hop artist who has made waves in the music industry with his faith-based lyrics and catchy beats. One of his stand-out songs is “Fully Committed” from his 2014 album Anomaly. This track is an anthem about persevering in your faith despite challenges. Let’s take a deep dive into the lyrics and meaning behind this powerful song.

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“Fully Committed” Song Lyrics

Here are the full lyrics to “Fully Committed” by Lecrae:

Verse 1:
Even when I don’t wanna pray Lord, I’ma pray anyway
Even when I don’t wanna tithe Lord, I’ma tithe anyway
Even when I’m under fire Lord, I’ma preach anyway
‘Cause this is deeper than my desire, I’m fully committed

I’m going all the way, fully committed
No more living for the world, fully committed
No looking back, fully committed
I made up my mind, fully committed

Verse 2:
Now they always talking about me, the devil trying to stop me
The moment that I blink then they will try to make me lose my focus
But greater is He that is living inside of me
So I don’t care if they with me or against me

Seems like holding on gets harder and harder
But I gotta stay strong ’cause it’s make it or break it
This is do or die, I gotta go harder
I can’t hold back so I’m going farther

I’m going all the way, fully committed
No more living for the world, fully committed
No looking back, fully committed
I made up my mind, fully committed

Meaning Behind “Fully Committed”

The core message of this song is Lecrae declaring his complete devotion to his Christian faith no matter what challenges come his way. He talks about staying committed even when you might be criticized by others or feel alone in your beliefs. The lyrics are meant to inspire listeners to renew their own commitment to their faith and values.

Some key lines that capture this theme:

  • “Even when I don’t wanna pray Lord, I’ma pray anyway” – Staying committed to faith practices even when you don’t feel like it
  • “No more living for the world, fully committed” – Leaving behind worldly desires to be committed to God
  • “No looking back, fully committed” – Making a firm resolution with no second-guessing

Analysis of Key Lyrics

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important lyrics:

  • “Cause if you blink then they will make you lose your focus” – This line emphasizes the importance of staying focused on God without being distracted by critics or hard times. Just a momentary lapse can threaten your commitment.
  • “Seems like holding on gets harder and harder” – Lecrae acknowledges that persevering in faith is difficult and can feel draining at times. But it’s crucial not to lose hope.
  • “I’m going all the way, fully committed” – The chorus contains Lecrae’s central proclamation that he is “all in” and completely devoted to this path no matter what comes his way.

Lecrae’s Musical Style

  • Upbeat, energetic hip hop production with Lecrae rapping fast lyrics
  • Heavy hitting beats mixed with soulful melodic hooks
  • References and allusions to Bible verses and Christian teachings
  • Wordplay and rhyme schemes show his lyrical talent
  • Clean lyrics without profanity or controversial content

Lecrae has become one of the biggest stars in Christian hip hop, inspiring young believers with his catchy God-glorifying music. “Fully Committed” is a perfect example of his faith-filled lyrics over dope beats.

Reception & Impact of “Fully Committed”

“Fully Committed” was met with acclaim from Lecrae’s dedicated fanbase upon its release:

  • Christian music critics praised the song’s bold lyrics and production quality.
  • It peaked at #24 on Billboard’s Hot Gospel Songs chart.
  • Fans felt inspired and said it motivated them to strengthen their own faith.
  • Many said they listened to the empowering track before big life events.

The song connected with its Christian audience by capturing the struggle of staying steadfast through ups and downs. It called on believers to renew their commitment to living out their faith every day.

Other Media About Being Fully Committed

Lecrae’s hit song connects to many other resources focused on deepening commitment:

  • Sermons – Pastors have preached sermon series on “going all in” for Christ.
  • Books – Christian authors have written on fulfilling your calling.
  • Bible Verses – Scriptures like Joshua 24:15, Proverbs 16:3, Psalm 37:5, and Luke 9:62.
  • Quotes – “Go hard after Jesus. Everything else is worthless dead-end streets.” (Shane Claiborne)

Committing fully requires tuning out distractions and focusing completely on your purpose. Lecrae’s lyrics provide inspiration to stay on this narrow path.


In “Fully Committed,” Lecrae delivers an anthemic resolution to completely devote himself to his Christian walk. The song encourages listeners battling doubts and hard times to re-establish their commitment to their faith. For those who feel their dedication wavering, Lecrae’s uplifting lyrics provide motivation to go all in regardless of what comes their way. His catchy hip hop style makes the message accessible, helping to ignite passion in believers. “Fully Committed” will continue inspiring perseverance and renewed devotion every time you listen.

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